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Awaken Your Natural Glow with BIYUSEN™

The story of IREN Shizen started when our scientists made a ground-breaking discovery of the magical water found in "moor" onsen (a rare Japanese hot spring), that contains high content of natural moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients to reveal a smooth and silky complexion.

After several years of research, our R&D team perfected the elaborate process to transform "moor" onsen water into an organic compound of skin-renewing acids called BIYUSEN™. This exclusive miracle complex, infused in all IREN Shizen products, is clinically proven to restore skin to its healthiest state with a natural glow.

Fulvic acid

Enhances your skin’s natural defense mechanism as it is a powerful anti-oxidant. It also helps the absorption of oxygen and water.

Humic acid

Lengthens the life of hyaluronic acid molecules. This keeps the skin’s moisture level as high as possible and slows down wrinkle formation.

Hymatomelanic acid

Smooths and heals skin texture and accelerates the healing of superficial micro-wounds as well as cell renewal.

Visible Results in 28 Days

Our supercharged serums with the miracle ingredient BIYUSEN™ are put through vigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of efficacy.

100% agree skin feels softer, smoother and more supple.
97% agree skin feels instantly hydrated with a healthy, radiant glow.
94% agree skin looks firmer, lifted and feels more elastic.
Discover the Japanese Art of Layering

7 Serums, 35 Combinations

Infused with Biyusen™, nature's healing water of Japan, our seven Superfruit Booster Customized Serums are created to adapt to your skin’s unique needs.

Inspired by the Japanese Art of Layering and thanks to our Encapsulated BIYUSEN™ Technology, our serums can be mixed and applied in one single step for a personalized and targeted treatment.

Real People, Real Results

Cruelty Free
Certified by Leaping Bunny Program
100% Vegan
 No ingredient derived from animals
Dermatologically tested
Non-comedogenic ingredients
Cruelty-Free, 100% Vegan, Dermatologically Tested