Our Philosophy

The Art of Taking Time for Yourself

In the fast-paced and modern society we live in, taking a moment to care for yourself is a precious gift. At IREN Shizen, we believe in the power of slowing down, reconnecting with your inner self, and indulging in the beauty of self-care.

Our skincare products offer you a sanctuary of tranquility as they invite you to immerse yourself in a minimalistic and simplified skincare routine inspired by the Japanese Art of Layering that allows you to pause, breathe, and restore.

Mantra For Healing Skin

We believe that the simple practice of cultivating a skincare routine can benefit you in a mental and spiritual way, which will be positively reflected on your skin. Those few minutes you spend with yourself is treated like a ritual to honour and pamper yourself aesthetically. When you go through skincare steps in a rhythmic, calm, and purposeful manner—it can be a meditative experience and an opportunity to practise mindfulness at the start or end of your every day.

Modernizing the Art of Japanese Layering

Japanese skincare has a long history dating back to over a thousand years. Like many other aspects of Japanese culture, beauty ideals and modern skincare are directly linked to traditional values and concepts. The art of Japanese layering is a concept that stays true to the culture of Kodawari, which means a sincere, unwavering focus on what you’re doing, with a goal of making it perfect. Day and night, Japanese women spend time applying layers of multi-step skincare in the pursuit of perfect skin.

By adapting it to the active French lifestyle, we have revolutionized Japanese skincare by simplifying the art of layering with our innovative skincare solutions, making it easier for everyone to enjoy their skincare routine.

A Sacred Moment of Self-care

Rituals hold a special place in our lives, offering a sense of purpose, and tranquility. Our skincare routine embraces the concept of a ritual and elevates it to new heights with the infusion of a cutting-edge innovation. With our Encapsulated BIYUSEN™ technology we have redefined the art of layering, making it a seamless and harmonious experience. Our formulations are designed to work in perfect synergy with one another, allowing them to be mixed and combined effortlessly. What was once a time-consuming process, now becomes an easy single step, allowing you to address various skin concerns simultaneously. Each product becomes a unified step, blending and enhancing the benefits of the active ingredients. 

As you engage in this ritualistic skincare journey, you will witness the power of our technology at play, as it gently releases each encapsulated actives at the perfect time, penetrating deep into your skin's layers for optimal absorption to unveil a radiant and healthy-looking skin.