Think supple, plump, and bouncy skin; the three most notable qualities of the mochi skin trend. First popularized in Japan, the fad has since taken over Asia and is gaining traction in other parts of the world.

If you’re envisioning Korea’s famous glass skin trend, you’re about 70% right! However, mochi skin is a little different with the end goal being soft, matte skin (picture Kiko Mizuhara!) instead of the dewy one we’ve all grown to know and love in glass skin.

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What is Mochi Skin?

Mochi skin, otherwise known as ‘mochi hada’ or rice cake skin, takes inspiration from its very name. Much like mochi itself, Japan’s most celebrated mochigome rice cake, mochi skin is matte, smooth, and soft to the touch. Quite like a baby’s bottom, now that we think about it!

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to achieve this look with your skincare routine. As opposed to Korea’s long and intricate 10-step glass skin routine, the mochi skin regime only takes 4.

Yes, you heard us right—we can already hear the low-maintenance girls cheering from here! But that’s the thing about J-beauty: minimalism and simplicity at its finest to give you only the best results.

Though similar, mochi skin is everything glass skin is not. Kind of like sisters with opposing traits to give you a better picture. While both give you the same result of supple and hydrated skin, mochi skin is the matte to glass skin’s dewy glow, defying the odds by providing firm and plump skin without traces of glossy luminosity.

How to Get Mochi Skin

1. Double Cleanse

The first thing you need to know about J-beauty is that cleansing is the foundation of Japanese skincare. And if you’re someone who lives and breathes skincare, you’ll already know how important the practice is to your skin health.

Double cleansing not only ensures that your face is rid of all the grime and pore-clogging impurities that have gathered on your skin throughout the day, but it also allows for you to make the most of the rest of your skincare routine. How does it work, you ask? By cleansing your skin twice! First, with an oil-based cleanser (or makeup remover, if you will), and again with a water-based or gel cleanser to finish it off.

The oil-based cleanser will remove your makeup and any accumulated oils left on your face as thoroughly as it can, whilst the water-based or gel cleanser will follow up by targeting your specific skin concerns—be it hydrating, exfoliating or treating acne during the process. Oh, did we mention that double cleansing can also prevent premature aging, hyperpigmentation and breakouts? Incredible, we know!

2. Tone Your Face

Mochi skin is all about hydration. So naturally, the next step would be to replenish the moisture in your skin (especially after cleansing!) during your skincare routine. And that involves pampering your face with a trusty toner to lock in moisture.

Now, you may know of your everyday toner, but have you heard about Japan’s very own miracle ‘toner’? They go by the name of essence lotion. Explicitly formulated to create a base layer of hydration to your skin (especially before makeup), this liquid does not strip oils like toners may tend to do.

Want to know what we think? It’s definitely worth investing in one to benefit you in the long run!

3. Apply Serum(s)

Up next, serums. Perhaps the most essential product when it comes to targeting your unique skin concerns. There’s a serum for everything—dull skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin, aging skin; you name it, they’ve got it!

This is where your skin IQ comes in. Only you will know what kind of serums your skin requires to make the most out of this step. As for mochi skin, however, one significant ingredient that plays a big role in achieving its desired effect is vitamin C. The vitamin will help to diminish the appearance of dark spots, treat hyperpigmentation, even out your skin tone, and boost skin radiance to ultimately give you a luminescent complexion.

We definitely recommend using our Star Light Brightening Serum, packed with Vitamin C and other powerful active ingredients to get you one step closer to mochi hada. But if that’s not really your thing, try our other serums whilst you’re at it. There’s something for everyone!

4. Moisturizer

Last but not least, you have your unfailing moisturizer. Because the matte look seems to be the staple ingredient of mochi skin as a whole, a lightweight, gel moisturizer will work best to bring forth the desired effect.

One thing you should know? The Japanese love their moisturizer. It’s their primary form of hydration on their skin, and they have a specific way of applying it. Think facial massage! Most Japanese (women especially) typically cup their faces with their palms after applying moisturizer to stimulate their brain. It also helps the product absorb more efficiently and effectively into their skin.


And if you’re one for a more elaborate skincare regimen, no worries! You can add a good facial oil on top of your nighttime routine to lock in the moisture into your skin. Try not to use it in the day though, as that would contradict the matte look you’re going for with mochi hada.

We also can’t stress enough how important it is to use SPF on a regular basis. SPF is crucial to defend your skin from oxidative damage made by powerful UV rays and help your skin age slower. We recommend using a fast-absorbing sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 to really get that matte look down.

If the 4-step routine is still not enough, a trip to the dermatologist’s office might be just what you need. Beyond in-office consultations and treatments, dermatologists may recommend you more products to add to your existing routine to help you capture that mochi hada essence we’re all dying to have!

October 25, 2022